Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle Review

 Bolt Action,multi-pump action sniper rifle?! yes, this is indeed one of our suggestion if you’re just getting into airsoft games.Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle

Before we get into the Pro’s and Con’s of this rifle, lets discuss a little bit about the company that manufactures it.

Although Black Ops is the subsidiary company – its owned by Bear River International.

Bear River International

The company is based out of USA and manufactures outdoor specialty gear and equipment.The organization is comprised of individuals who appreciate the outdoors and love to share the toys with you.

Like mentioned above Black Ops is a division of this organization that represents considerable authority in outdoor shooting. The vast majority of their weapons are intended to mimic the actual firearms.

Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle Pro’s

  • Value: Compared to other airsoft rifles in the market, this is one of the most affordable airsoft sniper rifles.
  • Versatility: Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle offers a unique choice to the users when it comes to picking their ammo. They can choose between airsoft bb’s or metal pellets.Also out of the box you get the 4 x 15 mount that comes included with this air rifle.
  • Accuracy: When selecting an airsoft rifle precision is one of the main variables. But again there are no official test conducted for this particular rifle. We ended up checking with the real customers and ended up deducting that as a beginner this would be ideal rifle.Keeping in mind the end goal is to help you put that bbs where its suppose to go.
  • Power:  Since you’re going to be a sniper, power is a crucial factor if you want to hit you target from far. In most cases your sniper rifles power is directly correlated to the type of rifle and bb used. But in this case you are at unique position to control your rifles power with the pump-action that compresses the air for your shot. Manufacturer claims that it produces 675 fps on bbs or pellets, but this is subject to change. Various bb sizes will affect the flight pattern and velocity. So overall the fact that you can control the power of the rifle is unique and sets it apart from other airsoft rifles in the market.

Black Ops Junior Sniper Rifle Con’s

  • Built: Although this is a really cool futuristic looking piece, there are couple of limitations when it comes to the out of the box rifle. For example the picatinny rail is not a normal size, so trying to swap out the scope is recommended for practical use.If you decide to swap out the scope for an upgraded one make sure you pay close attention to the size. Another issue some have had with the scope is its off axis from the bore, but using the fiber optic sights would be a great black ops junior sniper rifle combo.
  • Practicality: If you’re playing an actual airsoft tournament or game, it is almost impractical to use this as a sniper rifle. The constant pneumatic pump action would give away your position and you’re limited to one shot at a time.
  • Regulations: Since you can switch your ammo between airsoft bb’s and a metal pellet, lot of airsoft games would not allow this rifle in an official game.



Overall Black Ops Junior Airsoft Sniper Rifle is one of the best airsoft sniper rifle out there for the beginners. You get the best bang for the buck and if you decide to do more than play airsoft games, you can always switch up the ammo.


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