Traxxas Bandit Review and Buyers Guide

The Traxxas Company

With a slogan “The Fastest Name in Radio Control”, Traxxas boasts the highest speed Remote Control Cars at a fair price.

Founded in 1986, Traxxas emerged with an aim of creating Ready to Race RTR hobby level cars with a little need of assembly.

Traxxas identified a problem faced and it presented a unique solution which this Traxxas Bandit Review highlights as well.

The first Nitro Hawk rolled out in 1992 and then the Traxxas Bandit in 1995.

Bandit used the specifications of Rustler VXL but a unique color scheme and a new body.

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Technology, Structure & Specs

As you read further into this Traxxas Bandit review, it appears that all models released by Traxxas have a radio system working at 2.4 GHz of frequency, and same goes for Traxxas Bandit.

Traxxas makes its cars easy to assemble, durable, stable, and above all fastest among the competitors. With a powerful engine, Traxxas brings the fastest of speeds in its products.

In addition to the above-mentioned specs, one of the most important things Traxxas cannot overlook is sustainability in various weather conditions.

Traxxas Bandit comes with a smart aerodynamic design and distinct features in addition to its low weight.

Various models by Traxxas differ in a specific feature, mostly based on the structure and internal components but sometimes the material or distinct paint scheme.

One thing is for sure, Traxxas doesn’t compromise both the speed and ease of assembly – both being the reason for starting the company.

Traxxas Bandit features 12-Turn 550 modified motors, waterproof electronic speed control, has a top speed of more than 35 Mph while the new Bandit VXL having a top speed of 75+ Mph.

Traxxas engines are designed by the company in its own facility, which helps customize their engines.

The Traxxas Bandit engines are compatible with EZ Start technology unique to the company.

EZ start system makes it possible for remote control cars to start their engine the same way as automobiles do.

And yes, it happens due to the mechanical structure. Standing as the top manufacturer of hobby-level cars, the company makes modifications and customization easy.

Traxxas Bandit Review

Traxxas Bandit has a fast speed but its durability is also remarkable.

Offering ease of maintenance, Traxxas wants its customers to get value for money as witnessed by every consumer.

Even if you use it so harsh that it breaks, the ease of maintenance it provides is exceptional.

If you ever happen to break your Traxxas Bandit, its maintenance wouldn’t cost you more than $10.

Durability & Ease of Maintenance

Traxxas Bandit is equipped with Traxxas Tough to allow you to enjoy during the race without worrying about the durability.

Bandit comes with a Fiber composite chassis which is designed to ensure exceptional durability.

The durability of Bandit is complimented with its stability, reducing the chances of getting exposed to crashes to the bare minimum thus increasing stability further.

Traxxas Bandit allows the consumers to play, enjoy regardless of the weather conditions.

It is made waterproof to ensure that the play doesn’t stop.

Steel gears harden the Traxxas Tough for an unmatched, all day long fun.

Bandit can easily be upgraded with a variety of compatible Traxxas factory parts and accessories.

Easy maintenance, durability, and speed of Traxxas Bandit make it stand out among various models.

Battery & Continued Cost

The high current connector enables the 7 cell battery to give an exponential output enduring a speed of several mph.

The structure of Traxxas Bandit provides allow moment of inertia and offers an inline battery position.

Pros & Cons

We have witnessed a detailed Traxxas Bandit review with an insight on its structure, technology, specs, durability, maintenance, and cost. But the Pros and Cons are yet to be highlighted.

Pros Cons

1) Easy Setup

Traxxas Bandit provides an incredibly easy setup. It involves charging the battery, install it in its place, placing antenna tube over the antenna, pairing the transmitter, and installing the canopy.

2) Speed and Handling

The car offers great speed and good handling while ensuring robustness during the race.

3) Stable Design Ensures Balancing

Stability and aerodynamics are important factors that Traxxas probably realizes better than its competitors. Bandit comes with great stability, reducing the probability of crashes

4) Maintenance is Easy, Not Costly

After continuous and rough use of Traxxas Bandit, the bearings wear out and few parts need replacement. But as mentioned previously, the maintenance of Traxxas cars is easy and parts are easily available. In addition, after a year of continuous use, customers report a mere $10-$20 expense on replacement and maintenance – that’s surely a fair deal.

1) Requires an Extra Battery

For better performance and to run for a race, you’d have to use an extra battery. But the good news is that the number of extra batteries is not more than one as in some other RC cars.

2) Fishtailing is Hard

Bandit won’t be surprising you with fishtailing or spinning entirely, which brings down the rating for its handling from extraordinary to good

3) Motor Can Get Hot at Times

When continuous work is taken by Bandit, the motor might get too hot ultimately causing problems. You may have to replace the motor if you do not take into consideration, its temperature.


Traxxas Bandit Review has given enough of insight to understand the structure, technology, pros and cons about the car.

It may be compelling you to read more or probably try one.

But before you do that, you should know that although Bandit is reliable and durable, it doesn’t have to be hit with the concrete.

Of course, that’ll break the bumper, but again, keeping the low-cost maintenance in mind, you can try playing with it roughly.

The pros of Traxxas Bandit highlight the features of the company that it boasts – speed, ease of assembly, and durability is the most significant.

The cons throw some light on the constraints that the battery offers, a handling issue, and the motor (which can be taken care of).

So, all in all, Traxxas boasts the best of RC Cars in the industry, Traxxas Bandit being one of the most significant hobby-level RC cars.

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