5 Best RC Cars Under 100 – Buyers Guide and Review

Ready-To-Run RC cars (RTR) are great for beginners who want to experience the thrill of racing without all the hassle that comes with building up a vehicle.

RC racing hobby lies on a higher spectrum when it comes to budget and technical aspects; that is why it can be hard getting into the hobby.

However, our buyers guide for 5 Best RC Cars under $100 will surely eliminate those problems.

This buyers guide helps you pick out a modern, sleek, high-performance, convenient and RTR model, which is well within your budget.

Along with a custom performance and body upgrades, which will further enhance your racing experience.

So let us dig right into the meat of this topic, the cars in no particular order.

    Maisto Volkswagen Beetle 1951 RC Review

Developed by the RC racing giant Maisto, this Beetle Volkswagen takes you right back to the 1950s era.

With an average speed of 5-10 mph, it is a highly recommended toy grade RC for beginners.

With the right charger, body, batteries and servo upgrades this electric RC has the potential to transform into a faster and lethal car.

Maisto 1:10 Scale Volkswagen Beetle comes with a tri-channel 9V transmitter, a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery of 7.2 V and the RTR car featuring wheels by Wheel Masters GFG.

Product Specs: Engine, Body, and Structure.

1:10 scaled version of Volkswagen Beetle is true to the original model with minute details taken care of. The dimensions of the car are as follows:

amazon maistro

  • Length: 17.9-inches
  • Width: 6.9-inches
  • Height: 4.7-inches
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs

With electric servo and electric motor, it can easily go at high speeds.

It has a front and rear suspension with left, right, forward and backward turning.

The suspension is designed for a rear wheel drive (RWD) which is perfect for on-road racing.

You can typically drive your car on gymnasium floors, parking lots, lanes, concrete driveways or inside your house.

Engine cover shows a chrome engine with glow feature.

The model comes with 5-spoke chrome wheels from GFG. 100% starting throttle provides you with top-speed right at the start.

The outer body is made from die-cast metal and plastic parts. Surf shop decals and different colors give your RC car a lively appearance.

Transmitter with a frequency of 27 Mhz requires 2 AA 9V Alkaline batteries that come with the package.

Durability And Play time:

Charging depends on charger performance; you can generally expect a 4 hour to 1 hour charging time.

When fully-charged, playtime can be between 30-40 minutes.

It is durable and can withstand shocks though being a low-ride it is unable to go over bumps and obstacles.

Upgrade Costs:

Lipo batteries, Lipo charger, LED controller for lights, radio transmitter, Motor and ESC upgrades could cost around $100-$300.

With this budget, Beetle Volkswagen can be converted for full local club racing.

Pros and Cons:



> Great car for the price, it comes with an RTR version which can get you running within minutes.

> Multichannel frequency transmitter gives you multiple racing options.

> LED flashlights and elegant colors add to the overall appearance.

> RWD drive is ideal for racing and gives you a speed of 15-20 mph.

> 100% throttle gives you maximum speed right at the start.

> Difficult to control at first due to full throttle.

>Colors cannot be picked during an order.

>Upgrades may cost a lot depending upon desired performance.

Tamiya Porsche 911 Review

From Tamiya’s Porsche 911 series, this Mini 4WD model is specifically designed for RC racing with a high-performance TR-01 chassis.

It is based on Porsche’s 930 generation Porsche 911 series and comes with a flat-nose body design.

The product is shipped as an assembled or non-assembled kit version.

The non-assembled version consists of Tamiya Porsche 911 body, Tr-01 chassis, and motor. Batteries and Transmitter need to be purchased separately.

Product Specs: Engine, Body, and Structure

True to the Porsche 911 turbo coupe model, this kit when assembled presents a sleek car with following dimensions:

amazon tamiya

  • Length: 9.4-inches
  • Width: 5.7-inches
  • Height: 2.8-inches
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces

This RC car perfectly captures the unique form of Porsche 911 Turbo with the rear fender and oversized rear wing.

It comes with flare sides for both front and rear bumpers with retractable closed headlamps in the front.

Completely white in color this model comes with black and gray parts in a pre-assembled non-painted body.

High profile RC-type 6-spoke tires give it additional durability.

This RC Mini 4WD works like a 4-wheel slot car which allows the driver to control acceleration through its remote-controlled system.

Its main highlight is the TR-01 chassis.

This chassis is designed with RC racing in mind and the receiver is placed between the motor mount and battery compartment.

Electric motor comes attached as part of the kit. Body-shell mounting method is very easy and allows for quick mounting of the body over the chassis.

Durability and Play-Time:

Since the Porsche 911 comes without a battery and charger an estimate on charging and playtime cannot be given.

However, with the right upgrades, LiPo batteries can be used along with an advanced ECS and servo motor.

Upgrade Costs:

Expect to spend around $100 to $200 for the LiPo batteries, transmitter, and high-end LiPo charger.

Upgrade costs will get reduced if you already possess a multi-channel transmitter and batteries.

You can also use lower-end Ni-Cd batteries for reduced cost, in that case, you can get up and running for around $25- $50 only.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
> Sleek design and easy to assemble kit which does not require any adhesives.

> TR-01 chassis which is designed for racing

> Great replica of the original model with retractable headlights and rear wing.

> Can be used for on-road racing and requires low maintenance cost.

> Comes from the renowned RC manufacturer Tamiya.

> Batteries, charger and transmitter need to be purchased separately

> TR-01 chassis is incompatible with higher end upgrades which can limit performance.

> Upgrades can cost a fair bit which can be a handicap for those low on budget.

 Rastar Ferrari La Ferrari Review

Ferrari lovers rejoice as Rastar has brought Ferrari La Ferrari as a 1/14 RC car.

With careful attention to details for exterior body and a top-notch internal chassis and steering mechanism Ferrari La Ferrari does not disappoint.

It has an average speed of around 5-10 mph and the headlights give it great visibility rating.

Product Specs: Engine, Body, and Structure

Rastar Ferrari comes as an RTR assembled version right out of the box fully ready to go.

Its outer as well as inner body is a complete replica of the original model and is made from injection molded, durable plastic material.

Manually opened doors are another great addition. Its dimensions are as follows:

amazn rsata

  • Length: 14-inches
  • Width: 2-inches
  • Height: 5-inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs

With an independent spring suspension system, adjustable front wheel alignment and RWD, you get complete control over your car’s performance.

An adjustable front wheel can be used to fine tune the steering system for better control.

With a full throttle at all times, control can be a bit difficult to master at times.

Ferrari La Ferrari from Rastar requires 5 AA batteries for car and a 9V battery for the transmitter.

Batteries are not rechargeable and transmitter works normally at a non-adjustable frequency of 27 MHz.

Durability and Play-Time:

Rastar Ferrari is quite durable and can survive frequent crashes with obstacles and walls.

When it comes to playing time, it can give you up to 1-2 hours play time after which new batteries will have to be used.

Play time depends mostly upon the power of batteries you purchase.

Upgrade Costs:

Generally, it is not recommended to perform upgrades, as car already comes with a pre-painted body and assembled chassis.

Only associated costs are batteries, which need to be purchased.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
> Highly detailed replica of the original iconic Ferrari La Ferrari model

> Features cool qualities like four direction movement, adjustable front wheel alignment, headlights and great speed.

> Ready To Run and only requires plugging of new batteries.

> Good material durability with a good crash tolerance

> Can give playtime of more than one hour depending upon battery power.

> Comes with instruction booklet, transmitter, and RTR model.

> Chargeable batteries are not provided and therefore new ones must be purchased.

> Non-adjustable remote frequency results in frequencies getting matched in case of two cars.


SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Review

Kids and adults alike love spiderman because of one reason; he can climb walls! Well, sorry Spidey so can SZJJX.

This innovative and dynamic RC car has become immensely popular because of its zero-gravity wall and roof climbing abilities.

Sleek design, low cost, vacuum zero-gravity mechanism, trendy colors and LED lights are its key selling points.

The package includes RC car, instruction manual, and 1x transmitter.

Product Specs: Engine, Body and Structure

Unlike others on our list, this one is a unique concept and not a replica of any previous models.

It can easily climb up any wall or roof with a smooth surface. Its dimensions are as follows:amazon climber

  • Length: 6.1-inches
  • Width: 3.2-inches
  • Height: 1.55-inches
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs

Possessing a multi-functional mode, this car can perform astonishingly well on ground and walls.

Function modes can be easily changed using simple button controller on a car.

It also comes with blue and red LED lights for back and front giving it a futuristic appeal.

Color choices include red, black and blue.

Ultra gravity-resistant mechanism and Traction Technology provides for perfect balance on roofs ensuring your RC car does not fall off under gravity as it races on rooftops.

Air-suction fans create a vacuum and hold the car pinned to any vertical surface.

In the event of falling, SZJJX Wall Climber has been made from extra durable, shock-absorbing materials which protect it from damage.

To avoid frequent crashes car must be run on smooth or glassy walls.

Transmitter comes with 3 channel system, forward, reverse, left, right and 360 rotation controls.

Durability and Playtime:

As discussed earlier, Spiderman Wall Climber is highly durable and easily able to survive crashes either on ground or rooftops.

For roofs, this innovative vehicle can be used for 10-15 minutes while on the floor it performs well for 15-30 minutes.

Charging time depends on the batteries power.

It requires 6 AA batteries and 1 9V battery for the transmitter which must be purchased.

It is advisable to buy rechargeable batteries.

The car can also be charged using a USB port through a variety of power sources or through the transmitter battery itself.


Since the car’s primary function is stunt and wall climbing, it does not require any upgrades. You just need to purchase batteries for it to run.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
> Unique concept allows the car to climb walls and roofs easily while defying gravity.

> Shock absorbing material provides gives great protection and longer life.

> Multichannel frequency transmitter allows for better control

> Dual motivational mode of car enable it to race equally well on floors and walls.

> Glossy colors, trendy design and LED lights to make it visually appealing

> 6 AA batteries and one 9V battery must be purchased.

> Radio control range is only 10m.

Tamiya 58346 Grasshopper RC Review

Tamiya Grasshopper is a tried and true model for off-road racing and comes at a very affordable price range.

It comes in a kit version which is easy to assemble yet pleasant challenging at same time.

With the right upgrades, Tamiya 58346 has the potential to convert into a serious off-road vehicle at 40 Mph speeds.

Rubber pin spike tires, 2WD RWD drive, independent swing front axle suspension, rolling rear suspension, shock-proof, polystyrene body and coil spring dampers truly give this RC a significant advantage in off-road racing.

Its dimensions are as follows:amazon tamiya

  • Length: 15.3-inches
  • Width: 8.7-inches
  • Height: 8.8-inches
  • Weight: 1.82 lbs

Product Specs: Engine, Body, and Structure

Tamiya Grasshopper comes with a Type 380 motor and a 2WD chassis which is compatible with a Type 540 motor.

Though slower, 380 is a great chance for beginners to grasp the basics of off-road racing.

Tire traction is great and allows Tamiya to be easily raced on dirt tracks.

Since the tires are without spikes, these rubber pin tires can also be utilized for on-road racing without huge damage.

Tough body negates any need for applying additional paint, in case needed it can be easily purchased from hobby shops.

Assembly can be a bit challenging for first-timers, however, everything has been clearly labeled on the instructions manual.

You might want to purchase an RC toolkit for easy assembly of parts.

Durability and Playtime:

With a thick polystyrene outer shell, Tamiya Grasshopper has fantastic durability and shock absorbance capacity.

Play time can be as much as 45 minutes with the right batteries; namely Tenergy 7.2 V 3800 mAh.

Upgrades Cost:

This is one small con of Tamiya Grasshopper; it will require you to purchase batteries, charger, servo, transmitter and optional paint.

A 7.2-12 V-smart charger and two 7.2 V NiMH batteries would work greatly.

For the transmitter, Futaba 2DR AM 27/75 Mhz transmitter is recommended.

These small upgrades will get your vehicle up and running.

Expect to spend around $50-$100 for necessary upgrades.

For improved performance you can replace bushings with sealed ball bearings, 380 motors should be replaced with a 540 version along with the associated pinion gear.

Tires can be replaced as well for further performance.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
> Renowned manufacturer and a proven vehicle for off-road racing.

> Easy to assemble and a great introduction towards off-road racing.

> Upgrade compatible chassis will ensure that you can run your grasshopper for years to come.

> Thick polystyrene body provides protection against frequent crashes

> Differential enabled assembly protects against dirt damage

> Upgrades can be costly

> Vintage model internal mechanisms and parts might not be suited for current age off-road racing.


This concludes our list of 5 best RC cars under 100. Our personal favorites are definitely Tamiya Grasshopper and the SZJJX;though others are equally amazing in their own right.

If you are just starting with RC caring or want a great gift for your kids, these RC cars will prove to be a wonderful option for you.

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