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Product145 , is a team of parents,hobbyist and review specialists who provide the best information they can about consumer products based on facts, company track record and not just customer review.

Product145 provides tools/reviews for you to build your knowledge base through a fun and interactive approach, so you don’t have to waste hours surfing the net.

One fundamental step in this ongoing process is the building of relationships. Your ideas are important to us and help us provide more information about your choice of topic.

With that Product 145 was formed with a very simple vision:

  • To become a trusted resource where people can come and get the best advice on picking the best product based on facts and not customer reviews.
  • To provide the best, most reliable, easy to understand and science-backed FAQ’s about the topic of choice and consumer products.
  • To create and nurture a community of supportive individuals willing to help each other, learn and not Spam.

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