3 Best Airsoft BBs – Buyers Guide and Review for 2018

Best Airsoft BBs for airsoft shooting come in a variety of different kinds, sizes, colors, oh my! did you ever think about why? What is the purpose for all these choices.

The airsoft sport is pretty much a point and shoot sport. Airsoft BBs are pretty basic in design. They are simple molded bb’s from plastic.

So, in short the manufacturing of the bb’s is material selection, molding, polishing and packaging. They come in different weights, sizes in diameter, colors and more. So why so many options?

Airsoft has become a sport all on it’s own. People have really taken to these guns and plastic bb’s and why not. They are fairly inexpensive to get started and it’s safe and fun.

Many people prefer it over paintball as it is more realistic and the Bullets or BB’s are far less expensive. Because the game can be more realistic the Airsoft skirmishes are more tactical than paintball games.

Furthermore, the best Airsoft BBs are super cheap. Whatever your preferences on bb’s are, they will be significantly cheaper than paint balls.

Airsoft BBs Weight For Various Guns

airsoft bb's comparisonThere are 2 weights that are the most popular .12 grams and .20 grams. Other weights include .25, .28, .30, .40 and are used more for longer distant shooting.

The .12 grams are used for shorter distances and for the spring loaded guns. The heavier the bb the higher the FPS is.

FPS stands for Feet per second and this is how we measure the speed that a bb can travel. This is the most common way to determine the viscosity of an Airsoft BB.

The lower weights are great for the spring loaded guns. However, as one moves into the sniper style riffles that heavier weights can give more accurate results at a longer range.

The lighter bb’s are typically hollow in the middle. This hollow bb should not be used with guns that are rated for higher FPS as they most likely will break in the barrel. A bb that breaks in the barrel can cause havoc to the machine.

crosman 0.20g bbs elite force bbs

Airsoft BBs Diameter

Best airsoft bbs diameter is usually at 6 mm. Most guns have a barrel for this size. In fact the tighter the barrel the faster the shooting power.

The more accurate the shot. The airsoft bb size fits perfectly into the Airsoft bb gun. The tighter the barrel the more accurate your shot will be. And, the better performance you get and most barrels can be upgraded.

Airsoft BBs Material

Made from plastic these BB’s come in two types of plastics. ABS is a plastic resin made from oil. It is not bio-degradable. This is the cheap option.

Like the common plastics these are problematic. These are the plastics that fill the environment. They are often chosen due to their price point. Airsoft guns can go through a bunch of BB’s. And, price point is an issue. However, all BB’s are pretty inexpensive.

best airsoft bbsThere are also biodegradable BB’s that are environmentally friendly. These BB’s are usually the ones required for courses as they do break down over time. These are usually made of PLA which is derived from plants.

These are expensive as the PLA is more expensive than the ABS, however, they do break down in water and carbon dioxide in about 45-90 days. And, they are made from renewable sources. Where the ABS BB’s are derived from an oil base material.

Reusing Best Airsoft BB’s is not recommended. The bb’s from either material once shot have weakened. This can increase the the issue of breakage in the barrel or gun.

This can be a dangerous situation depending on the size of the gun.
The Various Colors of BB’s

BB’s come in a variety of color options. The best airsoft BB’s for target practice are lighter colors.

This is due to the White or lighter colored BB’s are easily spotted in the air. bb's for airsoft sportsThis makes that best when target shooting.

Seeing where the BB’s are going helps with aim.
The best Airsoft BB’s for skirmishes are Darker BB’s. These are harder to spot and work great for when you want to blend in.

This hides them when shooting others. Although it makes it difficult for the field agents to see this as well. Airsoft skirmishes are popping up all over. We recommend the darker colors when playing with friends. Sneak attack style.

Airsoft BBs for SKIRMISHES

Airsoft has been a rival to the paintball industry from day 1. People that love to go on skirmishes have migrated tremendously to this sport. This is mostly due to the fact that even the Best airsoft BB’s are remarkably cheaper than that of the paintball guns.best airsoft best bbs biodegradable

Not to mention the guns themselves. This is an easy sport to enter and maintain. Target practices to skirmishes Airsoft makes it possible on a budget.
Best Airsoft BB’s are biodegradable in a couple of months. So using the darker colors will help them blend in with the lawn and such. This will also allow for more options than paintball.

As paintball has all the splatters and messes. Airsoft bb’s don’t splatter. More parents are more likely to approve of a airsoft skirmish in their yard. And, it is legal to have on private property.

Choose the Best Airsoft BBs for your needs

So, now that you know all the different options hopefully you can make an informed decision on which types are right for you. This game is fun to play for all ages.

A great way to get the kids outdoors. And, a wonderful way to have time with friends and family. BB’s come in all sizes and colors. Give a few different styles a try.

best airsoftbest To some this is not just a game. This is a very competitive sport as well. Thus the wide range of different options.

This sport has serious objectives to meet. And, choosing the best BB’s in this case is critical. Choose your level. The BB’s for the backyard gamer may not be the same for the advanced player.



Biodegradable Airsoft BBs from Black Ops

The Biodegradable airsoft BBs from Black Ops are our top recommended BB’s for players of Airsoft. These are perfectly polished and very precise in their game.

The Biodegradable airsoft BBs from Black Ops are amazing for Airsoft scrambles with a range up to 350 FPS. If you are looking for accuracy and precision these are your BB’s of choice.

Airsoft BBs that are tight in tolerances and biodegradable are hard to come by. Most manufacturers of BB’s like to cut corners in the biodegradable types.

But now Black-Ops they keep a tight tolerance with the BB’s measuring 5.95 mm with a tolerance of +/- .01, industry standard.

Pros and Cons of Biodegradable airsoft BBs from Black Ops:



  • These are competition grade level BB’s that are 6 mm, triple polished and ready for action. They are for a 6mm gun and can be used in gas and spring loaded versions. They are strong enough to withstand either. Made perfectly round and they do not float. Biodegradable airsoft BBs from Black Ops have proven accurate and consistent in any battlefield no matter the weapon type. These is great for those that like to run with more than one weapon. No need for other bb’s getting into the wrong gun. All fit 6 mm barrels. Most airsoft competitors want to have a full range of weapons and some BB’s are not rated high enough for the more powerful weapons however, this style of BB is!
  • We found very little cons for the Black Ops Biodegradable Aisoft BBs.
  • These BB’s are are Biodegradable which is a huge bonus. Biodegradable won’t pollute our oceans and water ways. And, they can be used inside or out and on any field.
  • Have a long lifespan and won’t degrade until long exposure to water or sunlight. Be sure to close up for less exposure to moisture and sunlight.
  • Come in a great container with a spout.
  • Easily Visible gray color.
  • Made without bubbles and flaws for perfect BB’s that won’t break. Broken BB’s in a gun can be death to your gun. Go with Confidence.
  • Black OPs competition grade Ammo allows you to worry about the game and not your ammo.
  • These are great for competitions, target shooting or just the backyard player.
  • Inexpensive enough for everyone to play.
  • .15 Grams
  • Do not float. This is important for some players.
  • .15 Grams if your looking for a different weight
  • Brightly colored and easily seen.

ELITE FORCE 0.20G BBs Review

ELITE FORCE 0.20G BBs these are a non-biodegradable brand. These bb’s are made from polymer materials.

The non-biodegradable cannot be played on all fields. Check with the field to ensure you can use these.

These are very precise. These are available in .20 gram and .25 gram. The heavier the bb the further it can travel with accuracy.

They are also a light color so they are easily traced through the air. And, .595 +/- .01 in tolerance which is the industry standard.

And, packaged in a screw cap bottle, unlike those unreliable seal bags. For guns that are rated 350 fts the .20 BB is perfect, being optimally balanced.

Works with most commercially available entry pistols and rifles.

Pros and Cons of ELITE FORCE 0.20G BBs Review:



  • Very accurate for amazing shooting experience.
  • Strong manufacturing and perfect polish.
  • Come in a great container with a spout.
  • Compact and Portable bottle and not the zipper pouch bags that can lead to a mess.
  • Great at high speeds, very accurate and non-breakable shape.
  • These are seamless.
  • These are not biodegradable. So, they are a pollutant.
  • Are as strong as the Black Ops version. Good for entry level pistols and riffles.
  • Light colored for easy tracing.

V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical

V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical 0.36g Bottle, 2500 Count, Aqua are our choice for some super high end guns.

The normal cheaper commercially available guns can normally shoot 350 fps. However, for the real experts in V-tac BBs, Airsoft, there are guns out there that do 600 fps.

These guns are quite powerful and need a bb that is just as powerful. If you have poured some serious money into your gear, you don’t want to mess around with BB’s that aren’t just as powerful and these are the way to go.

0.595 +/-.01, the industry standard. These are ball bearing quality. Due to their weight they have unheard of accuracy. Due to their weight they are reserved for bolt action snipers.

However, these are not going to work with spring loaded or even gas powered guns. These bb’s are heavy and mean business. The Green/Aqua Color is nearly impossible to see which are great for combat areas.

Pros and Cons of V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical:



  • These BB’s are extremely accurate.
  • Dark so they are hard to trace by the target person.
  • Great for Professional Airsoft.
  • Higher range for shooting further at an accurate pace.
  • Highly polished.
  • In a disposable bottle, less apt to have a mess.
  • They don’t work in the average players guns.
  • Hard to see where the BB’s are going for shooting targets.
  • Heavy and only for elite players.
  • Not Biodegradable.

Overall, these are by far the best BB’s we have found. But, they are not for just the average player.

Various BBs Options

best airsoft sniper rifle ammunitionThere are a few things that need to be considered when looking for Airsoft BB’s. Your gun, what your using the bb’s for, and the field that will be played.

The BB’s all have pro’s and cons but it is determined mainly by the factors stated. BB’s are made for various gun types, barrel sizes and games they are used for.

Not all BB’s are the same. Be sure to focus on the size of the BB’s first. If you need 6 mm, which is the most common there are all kinds of different BB’s out there.

Many fields won’t let you place with Non-Biodegradable BB’s. This is due the mess that they can leave behind.

The biodegradable have many pros just due to the fact they do eventually break down.

Some indoor fields and ranges will allow for the non-biodegradable. We recommend finding out before hand if you are leaning to this option.

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