5 Best RC Cars for Kids – Buyers guide

Choosing the best RC cars for kids depends upon several factors. Obviously, the age of the child and the child’s interest. Below are some our choices based upon type of RC car, price, ideal age and customer feedback.

Take note that many of the RC cars have recommended age ranges from 18+, please be advised that pediatricians and other child care professionals strongly advise against providing a child younger than 3 years a toy with small moving parts.

In addition to that, a child of 18 months or even 2 years, does not have the motor dexterity to operate the remote controls and are teething. Eventually they’re putting that toy in their mouth ( As a parent,I might sound sarcastic but I’m not). That being said, we’ve complied a list of RC toys are ideal for kids age range from 36 months to 10 years.

5 Best RC Cars for Kids

RC Car Model Type of RC Ideal age (manufacturer recommended) Our Ratings Price

Little Tikes RC Tire Twister Toy


RC    Toy 36 months -10 yrs old  9/10
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Jada Toys Minnie Mouse R/C Vehicle


RC Car 4 – 15 yrs old 8/10 Click Here for Price

KidiRace RC  Police Car


RC Car 3 years and up 8/10   Click Here for Price

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car


RC Toy 8 years and up 9.5/10
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Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car


RC Toy 5 – 15 years 8.5/5
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Little Tikes RC Tire Twister Toy Review

The first car on our RC menu today is the Little Tikes RC Tire Twister Toy. We picked this RC toy because its unique and there are no small moving parts or chances of the car getting lost.

Plus its designed to be robust crash and smash kind of design, which mean more durability and bang for your buck.The car can perform backflips inside the tire to change directions, and can even spin the tire 360 degrees!Then take the car out for wild R/C action.

It’s two toys in one!

Product Features: 

  • Easy-to-steer remote control toy car moves in tire to spin and roll in different directions
  • Tire can go forwards and backwards
  • Remote control car can do backflips inside the tire, reversing the tire’s direction
  • Can spin the tire 360 degrees!
  • Vehicle can be removed from the tire for wild remote control action
  • Batteries not included ( requires 3 x AA for Car, 2 x AA for Remote)



Pink Remote Control Car

Jada Toys Minnie Mouse R/C Vehicle Review

Second on our list is the absolute cutest! its an Minnie Mouse polka dot pink remote control car. It doesn’t have any small moving parts and what it lacks in technical aspects makes up for it via a spin function with front and back movement.

But, while Minnie is in the drivers seat, you’re really the one in control with an easy-to-operate remote. Drive forward, on to adventure, but feel free to take some exciting spins along the way.

Product Features:

  • Spin feature with forward and reverse movement.
  • Comes in a perfect box (ideal for gift).
  • Batteries not included (3 AA and 2 AAA batteries required).


KidiRace RC  Police Car Review

Third on our list is KidiRace RC  Police Car . It was a tough call between police car or a fire engine… because it had few moving parts and no choking hazards, we include this police RC car in the our list.

I mean,what kid doesn’t want a siren blaring,lights flashing kickass police RC car?! Well this cool RC police car does all that and more!

Product Features:

  • EASY TO USE – The kid-friendly controls, non-slip rubber wheels of this remote control car.
  • 2.4 GHz TECHNOLOGY – With this latest remote technology you can race multiple cars (up to 6) in the same area without interference, it also gives it a longer remote control range and faster response.
  • CONVENIENTLY RECHARGEABLE – remote control police car has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged with a standard mini USB (USB and wall plug Included). Once charged, the RC Car offers up to 30 MINUTES OF DRIVING TIME.
  • REALISTIC LIGHTS & SOUNDS – The remote control car features realistic emergency lights as well as realistic sounds such as a horn, siren and revving engine.


SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car Review

Lets put a spin in the traditional RC’s cars, this here on the list is a unique product that rides not only on the floor but also on the walls and in some cases inverted. There are multiple colors available , so you can choose your favorite color.

Product Features:

  • Multi-functional: This car has two motivation options. Not only it can be used as a wall climbing car, but also a regular remote car; Forward and Reverse, Turn Left/Right,360 Degree Rotating,and Stop with Brake Lights.
  • Special Features: Special vacuum feature that allows the car to drive vertically or “climb walls”. The ultra lightweight car body coupled with a powerful suction fan, please do not drive it on hollow, non-planar, the track must be smooth or glassy; Auto shut-off helps conserve battery life.
  • Strong car body: Made of high quality materials, strong collision resistance; Adapted new materials, strong shockproof car body, help reduce the damage of falling by accident and prolong the service time; The Mini RC Car has a lightweight yet heavy duty body that won’t break if it falls from the ceiling or wall.
  • Gravity-Defying: This Toy car can be drove on any smooth surface, such as Walls, Floors, Windows, even Ceilings. Fun time everywhere!
  • Super cool gift for kids to develops these skills: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, logical, creative, linguistic, emotional, communication and self-esteem.


Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Morphibians Killer Whale Review


Last but not least,Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Morphibians Killer Whale  is a unique RC toy that is amphibious. They come in variety of forms(shark,gator and killer whale) and colors to match different needs.

There are no small moving parts and remote is simple and easy to use. Most importantly it is water and dirt proof.

Product Features:

  • Go Anywhere: Powerful RC amphibian 4×4 car drives through water, dirt, mud, sand, pavement and grass
  • Winner “Oppenheim Gold Seal Best Toy Award” for outstanding new product that enhances the lives of children
  • Splash Through Puddles: Paddle wheel treads rip through water. Sturdy all terrain tires power over obstacles on land
  • Easy-to-Control Skid Steering: Push both levers forward and this ATV goes forward. Push both back to go backwards. Push just one forward to turn
  • Full Function: Age 5+; Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 6 inches; Batteries required: 2 AAA and 3 AA (not included); 27 MHz, Note: To operate multiple Morphibians vehicles at the same time, each vehicle must operate on a different frequency. To find a compatible RC, search for “Kid Galaxy Morphibians 49 MHz”



Bear in mind that these ratings are also based on the toy for a particular age range. Anytime purchasing a toy, it is not only important to pay attention to what the manufacturer recommends regarding safety and age ranges, but also to follow common sense rules.

If your baby is still more delighted by the box a toy came in than the toy itself, he or she is not ready for complicated toys. While a car zooming across the floor can keep a child mesmerized, it is still not an age appropriate toy for a child who cannot understand the concept or for whom the toy presents a choking hazard.

It is important to note that descriptions and specifications of items purchased on Amazon.com, are often sold by re-sellers or new manufacturers. Some may not be up to safety standards, and some may be manufactured in countries with no safety standards.

With any radio-controlled car, be sure that the batteries are always fresh, as low batteries will definitely have an effect on the way the car runs, but it can also damage the other parts. Children should be taught to keep all parts of their toys together. If the remote controller gets lost, it is no longer a radio-controlled car.

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