5 Best Airsoft Brands That Have Stood The Test Of Time

For those who are interested in the airsoft hobby, there are a myriad of best airsoft brands to choose from on the marketplace.

As with virtually all industries, there are good manufacturers and not-so-good ones.

The difference between purchasing a good quality airsoft gun and a cheap one is large enough to have you looking for the best.

What Are The Best Airsoft Brands? (Buying Guide)

These are guns, often made in the shape which replicates popular weapons, such as AK47s or M16s, that fire soft pellets.

Because they do not have the same restrictions as firearms, they have become a popular alternative for those who enjoy target shooting and other firearms-related activities.

These are not cheap BB guns, but sophisticated devices that operate using gas or springs as the propulsion for the pellets.

Over the past several years, airsoft weapons have become quite popular with target-shooting tournaments being held around the country.

But they are also well-known for the remarkable duplications of famous weapons that have garnered considerable attention.

Like most industries, there are many different companies that set their own standards and range in quality from the very best to the very cheap.

What follows are the five best airsoft companies today, based on the combination of using high-quality materials, extensive testing, durability, and affordability.

All these factors come together into producing airsoft guns that are competition-ready, yet within a reasonable budget, so you can get the most out of your purchase.


A&K Airsoft Brand Products

A celebrated company that has based their popularity on easy interaction with their products. A&K best Airsoft Brand logo

Constructed from high-quality materials, A&K Airsoft offers a wide range of weapons that includes systems based on carbines, machine guns, and rifles.

The company has managed to develop a strong following thanks to the emphasis of their systems being so user-friendly.

While well-made, there have been some issues with small parts that need replacing now and again which dampens the otherwise excellent reputation of the company.

You will have to determine whether the higher-than-normal maintenance in terms of parts replacement is worth the easy-to-use weapon systems, but even so, that has not damaged their popularity around the world.


Guay & Guay Armament Company

Better known as “G&G Armament Co.”, they have proven themselves over the years thanks to their dedication to reliabilityG&G airsoft brand logo best brands and performance.

They make stock airsoft guns, but they quite accurate right out of the box. This is thanks to the extensive testing that the company does with each airsoft gun to ensure that it is operating properly.

The highlight from G&G is the G7G weapon systems. They are highly accurate and quite well made to last for a long time.

For many, the G7G represents the pinnacle of what the company can produce, and their complete line of airsoft weapons are ones to be admired.

The G&G Combat Machine is the flagship airsoft gun and seen at target shooting ranges around the world. So, it’s little wonder that this company occupies such a high place on the list.


ICS Brand Products

Also known as I Chih Shivan, this Taiwanese firm has built a solid reputation in the airsoft industry, thanks in large part to ICS Airsoft Brand Logo bestits full-metal weapon systems along with their top-notch replicas and unique trademarks.

The focus of the company is to reaching airsoft weapons that are well-made, high efficiency, and utilizing the latest techniques and technology into each gun.

ICS is also one of the most established airsoft brands, having been in business for more than two decades.

Arguably one of their best-known and respected systems is the AEG, which has garnered considerable praise over the past several years.

In addition, the company is well-known for their remarkable replicas which includes popular items such as the AK47, MP5s, M4s, and so forth.

You can even customize easier thanks to the new gearbox design that ICS has included in their recent releases.


Systema Brand Products

Easily one of the most respected brands, Systema prides itself on producing the best which is also why it has some of thesystema airsoft brand logo best most expensive airsoft systems on the market today.

You can see where the money goes when viewing one of their replications which is stunning to say the least.

One issue that Systema does have is that the quality may be a little too good in term of FPS rates, which can exceed 500fps in their red cylinders.

That is certainly problematic in the civilian world as such airsoft products go above and beyond the legal rates.

However, this is because they are designed for the military and police officers who use 30 round magazines and want that simulation.

Depending on the rules and regulations in your state, the 30 round magazines may not be available, but it does show the overall options that buyers have when purchasing airsoft guns from Systema.


Tokyo Marui Products

One of the most recognizable names in airsoft weaponry, this Japanese-based company does not offer all its products tokyo Marui airsoft brandoutside Japan, but it has developed a strong reputation for what the rest of the world has seen in terms of their airsoft guns.

Tokyo Marui is arguably most noted for the development of the AEG system and has created celebrated airsoft pistols and sniper rifles in both spring and gas propulsion types.

While the pistols are celebrated for their expert design, the company has also created a wide range of replica rifles, including those based on the AK47, FAMAS, G36, M14, M16, P90, and several more, including electric shotguns.

The price tag may be a little high compared to other brands, but the high-quality materials used, and the expert duplication make Tokyo Mauri a winner.

If you are considering purchasing an airsoft gun, the five companies listed here are a good starting point.

You can purchase a replication of a famous weapon, choose an original design, or purchase a customizable weapon if you desire.

You may want to check with your local or state regulations, but for the most part soft pellet weapons are easily accessible and purchasing from the best airsoft brands will ensure high-quality, impressive accuracy, and proper longevity for the product.



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